Texas Tech University

Project 0-4974

Environmental Characteristics of Traditional Construction and Maintenance Materials


The purpose of this report is to document the findings of project number 7-4974, Environmental Assessment of Traditional Construction and Maintenance Materials. For the purpose of this report, traditional construction and
maintenance materials include cement, fly ash, lime, aggregate, bituminous binders, bottom ash, RAP, and RCP, which have been used in TxDOT projects for many years. Leachate from components of construction and maintenance materials such as cement, aggregate, and bituminous binders were analyzed to determine the concentration of contaminants that would be released into the environment. The analytical results were compared to RRS2 as specified in DMS 11000. As part of this project, recommendations were made regarding environmental standards for recycled materials. One recommendation is that recycled material metal concentration should be equivalent to the RRS2 value or the average detected value plus one standard deviation for the material the recycled material is replacing.

Project PI: Audra Morse


Phillip T. Nash
Sanjaya Senadheera
Andrew Jackson