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Multidisciplinary Ph.D in Fine Arts

The program requires 60 hours of coursework beyond the master's degree distributed as follows:

Course Type Credit Hours
Fine Arts Core Courses 15 hours
Theatre Arts Courses 33 hours
Dissertation (TH A 8000) 12 hours
Total: 60 hours

Fine Arts Core Courses - 15 hours

Theatre Arts students take the following three courses (9 hours):

Choose two courses from the list below (6 hours):

Theatre Arts Courses - 33 hours

The student must take a minimum of thirty-three hours in the Department of Theatre and Dance, including three foundation courses: THA 5350 (Seminar in Theatre Research Methods), THA 5306 (Theatre History Survey), and THA 5351 (Mentoring Community Outreach in the Arts). The student must select two tracks and take a minimum of four courses (totaling 12 hours) in each track (totaling 24 track hours). Tracks are available in:

The theatre curriculum is individualized to the needs and professional goals of each student. Each student's degree plan is developed following the administration of the Diagnostic (Preliminary) Examination and in consultation with the Graduate Advisor and the Chair of the student's Dissertation Committee.

Acting/Directing - 12 hours, to be selected from:

Emphasis in Arts Administration - 12 hours, to be selected from:

Design - 12 hours, to be selected from:

History/Theory/Criticism - 12 hours, to be selected from:

(*Topics in these courses will change from term to term. They may be repeated for credit.)

Emphasis in Playwriting - 12 hours:

In both the MFA and the PhD, during the first four semesters, the following courses must be taken in the order listed: THA 5300, THA 5301, THA 5302, THA 5321. Students entering mid-year (January) or in the summer will take other courses their first semester and begin the playwriting sequence in the fall.

May substitute THA 5307 or 5308 if play produced during Performance Lab.