Texas Tech University

Theatre & Dance Testimonies

"I consider myself lucky for having chosen the Texas Tech MA program.  For me, the MA at TTU was boot camp for history and theory.  It was a program where I was both allowed the room to think and pushed to defend my ideas.  I often found myself in incredibly spirited debates with professors and other students.  No surprise that, rather than inciting protests, their production of Angels in America brought disparate ideas from the university and the community together and made a potential powder keg into everyone's show. I simply cannot say enough. I have continued to see TTU faculty at various conferences around the country and always they have remained interested and welcoming. I would do it all over again."

Josh Jeffries | MA


"The Department of Theatre and Dance at Texas Tech University has provided me with an education that has benefited me in ways that words cannot describe. Our instructors personally invest in each of their students, and I find that I improve and grow with every class and performance. Graduates are fully prepared to enter the workforce in their perspective fields due to the high quality of both instructors and teaching methods. The Department of Theatre and Dance continues to grow every year, providing its students with educational opportunities that they would not have otherwise encountered."

Kimberly Sheeran | BA - Dance 


"I enjoy the professional, yet family-like atmosphere. Graduate and undergraduate students work together with a top-notch faculty to create a very nurturing artistic atmosphere."

Kevin TenEyck | BFA - Acting


"My primary reason for selecting Texas Tech as the place to pursue my Ph.D. was the design of the program. I was attracted to the College of Visual and Performing Art's multidisciplinary approach to the study of fine arts and its emphasis on leadership. Equally alluring was the philosophy of the Department of Theatre and Dance which calls for a balance between academic and practical work. These things attracted my attention and caused me to apply. However, it wasn't until I enrolled that I fully appreciated the value of this particular academic program in "out-of-the-way" West Texas.

I believe the greatest strength of Tech's Department of Theatre and Dance is the nurturing attitude of its faculty. This attitude is a result of two important factors. The first stems from the aforementioned philosophy which calls for balance. Since students are given the opportunity to work closely with faculty on productions, a feeling of collegiality and respect usually develops. My experience is that this feeling of collegiality filters down through the ranks of the students as well. Second is the size of the program. It is large enough to produce quality work, and small enough to develop as a tight community of artists and scholars. If you are looking for theatre programs, don't dismiss Tech due to its somewhat remote location. Great things are often found in unexpected places."

Jeffrey Wells | PhD  


"I recommend the theatre department at Texas Tech to anyone who desires to learn through both class and actual first hand experiences in a caring atmosphere of others pursuing the same goals. It has allowed me to mature and grow in my theatrical skills, as well as make friends and prepare for jobs and further training once I graduate. This is made possible through the small family atmosphere of students and professors alike, where you are a person, not just a face in the crowd. The amount of opportunities are endless and it is easy to get involved from the start and find your place among others just like you. I myself came in as a freshman and immediately joined USITT, placing me with others desiring to become designers or those who love theatre technology. I have been given more opportunities to grow and develop my skills in this department than I might have in a larger setting, and have been able to benefit from the faculty a lot more because of the small classes we have. I feel fortunate to be here and hope that many others will find their place here as well."

Robert Todd | BFA - Design


"The impressive credentials of the Tech faculty and the educational opportunities offered by the diverse curriculum convinced me that TTU is the place to continue my theatre education. I have not been disappointed. In fact, I have been consistently amazed by the experiences offered me both in and outside the classroom. Thanks to the dedicated and personal attention of the faculty, I am expanding my knowledge and talents as an artist and a scholar."

Randall Rapstine, MFA – Performance & Pedagogy | PhD