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5.0. Master of Agribusiness Degree Program

The MAB degree program is designed to meet the growing need for agribusiness professionals with advanced conceptual and quantitative training. The degree program provides a unique blend of analytical and business capabilities from both the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics and the Rawls College of Business. This program is designed to be completed in four semesters of full time study. A capstone of this program is a professional internship designed to apply program concepts in a professional setting.

The Accelerated B.S./MAB program allows qualified students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics in our department to work concurrently on their B.S. and MAB. Students in this program are able to take up to six hours of graduate coursework (two of four eligible courses) receiving credit toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

As of Summer 2020, this program is now also offered completely online, other than the internship.

5.1. Prerequisites

Students entering the MAB degree program must have completed an accepted bachelor's degree program or must be students who have been admitted into the Accelerated B.S./MAB program.

5.2. Credit Hour Requirements

The MAB program consists of a minimum of 36 hours of graduate credit. A candidate for the Master of Agribusiness degree must complete 6 hours of electives from a list of approved courses (see the separate MAB program material for the list). Exceptions to the list will need to be approved by the student's advisory committee and the MAB Coordinator.

5.3. Substitution for Core Courses

Except for unusual situations, substitutions for core courses are not permitted. Requests for substitutions for core courses must be initiated by the student and submitted, with written justification, to the MAB Coordinator. Final decisions on substitutions for core courses taught outside our department are made by the MAB Coordinator. Decisions on core courses taught in the department are made by the current instructor of the core course being replaced.

5.4. Internship Overview

One of the key aspects of the MAB is the requirement of an internship with a high quality organization. The internship includes key aspects of career development to achieve long term professional success. To be eligible for an internship, a student must be a MAB student enrolled in good standing and have completed at least nine hours in their MAB program. Each candidate's application will be reviewed by the MAB Committee.

Students must be enrolled in 6 Internship hours while completing this internship. The 6 hours can be completed in one long semester, 3 hours in each summer session, or 6 hours in one summer session. Students may not do internships in their final semester, as they must be present at the University in order to complete their presentation of completed internship.

5.5. Final Examination

The student's advisory committee will conduct an oral examination after all other requirements for the degree have been completed. MAB students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of agribusiness, marketing, management, and analytical methods covered in their degree program. Further, students should be able to articulate the effectiveness of their internship experience and current career goals.

5.6. Degree Program Course Requirements

Listed below are the course requirements for the Master of Agribusiness degree. Courses listed specifically by number are core courses.

Master of Agribusiness Degree Program

Course number / Course title / credit hours

  • AAEC 5325 / Applied Regression and Least Squares Analysis in Agricultural Sciences / 3
  • AAEC 5310 / Advanced Market Analysis / 3
  • AAEC 5312 / Agribusiness Analysis / 3
  • AAEC 5318 / Finance and the Agribusiness Sector / 3
  • ECO 5310 / Price and Income Theory / 3
  • MGT 5371 / Managing Organizational Behavior / 3
  • MKT / 5360 / Marketing Concepts and Strategies / 3
  • AAEC 5320 or AAEC 5330 or BLAW 5390 / Agribusiness Law, Natural Resource Law or Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Environment of Business / 3
  • Approved Electives / / 6
  • AAEC 5000 / Professional Internship / 6

Note: Numbered courses are core courses

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