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Our Prominent Alumni

  • Austin C. Vincemt

    Brandon Lipps

    2023 Distinguished Alumnus, Class of 2002, Agricultural & Applied Economics, Co-Founder & Principal, Caprock Strategies

  • Austin C. Vincemt

    Austin C. Vincent

    2023 Outstanding Young Alumnus, Class of 2017, Agribusiness General Council & Director of Public Policy and State Affairs

  • Tom Sell

    Tom Sell

    2022 Distinguished Alumnus, Class of 1995, Agribusiness, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Combest, Sell and Associates

  • John Duff

    John Duff

    2022 Outstanding Young Alumnus, Class of 2012, Agribusiness, Founder of Sero Ag Strategies, and Former Executive Vice president of National Sorghum Producers

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Welcome to Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics

The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics provides high standards of excellence in learning, research, and engagement on all economic aspects of regional, state, and global production, distribution, and consumption of food and fiber. We strive to prepare young men and women for leadership in a dynamic global agribusiness industry. We welcome you to explore the opportunities offered in the Department.

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Agriculture & Applied Economics (AAEC) Study Abroad Scholarship


An international experience through study abroad is critical to your success post-graduation.  We encourage you to take advantage of opportunities from a comprehensive range of unique academic programs offered by TTU in 50 countries.  As a student of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, you are eligible for a competitive scholarship offered by the Department for any TTU-approved study abroad program. A committee of faculty and staff selects the scholarship recipients subject to the availability of funds.

  •  To be considered, submit your application outlining:  how the study abroad program would enrich your learning experience; and why you consider yourself best suited for a scholarship award.  
  • Submit your scholarship application to Dr. Sukant Misra at sukant.misra@ttu.edu by no later than February 1 for the Maymester and Summer programs; March 1 for Fall programs, and July 1 for intersession, Spring, and Spring Break programs.

What Can You Do with an AAEC or Agribusiness Degree

  • Agricultural Economist: Analyzing economic trends and policies related to agriculture and food industry
  • Banker: Working in banking institutions and providing financial services to individuals and businesses in the agricultural sector
  • Environmental Economist: Analyzing the economic impact of environmental policies and developing strategies for sustainable agriculture.

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