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Sidewalking and Leading

Sidewalkers walk beside the rider and assist the rider to perform the requested activities of the therapists and PATH, Intl. Instructors. Leaders lead the horses during the equine-assisted activities. Leaders must demonstrate an ability to control their horse in various situations. Additional in depth training may be necessary to lead a horse during equine-assisted activities. In order to be considered as a sidewalker or leader, the volunteer must be physically able to assist the rider or manage the horse.

Office and Clerical Opportunities

There is always a way to give your time at TTRC. If you are unsure about working with the horses or prefer an inside job, there are ample opportunities for you to help out.

Contact our office at 806-792-4683 for more information. We also need volunteers to help with office clerical and volunteer coordination. If you have computing skills, organizational skills or writing skills, we can put you to work in a variety of jobs.


Appropriate Dress

Because you will be volunteering at a barn with horses, you will need to dress for the weather and wear closed toe shoes. You will want to bring sunglasses, sun block if needed, and a hat in the summer time. In the winter and fall, you may want to layer clothes.

You are ready to volunteer…Now what?

Please contact the TTRC office at 806-792-4683 or at ttrc@ttu.edu 



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