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ANSC 3309 Introduction to Hippotherapy

This course is an interdisciplinary overview of hippotherapy as a therapeutic tool for persons with physical and cognitive disabilities. Students work with physical, occupational and speech therapists and PATH, Intl. therapeutic riding instructors.ANSC

ANSC 4301 Equine-Assisted Mental Health

This course provides an introductory overview of therapeutic interventions with horses to address behavioral, relational, and emotional issues for clients. We will explore the history and development of the EAMH field, the human-equine bond, and how equine-assisted activities are integrated with counseling and psychotherapy interventions to help people experiencing different forms of psychological distress. Students will gain hands-on experiences with EAMH horse selection, as well as EAMH intervention design and delivery. This course is also structured to prepare students for PATH International's Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) certification process.

ANSC 4305 Principles of Therapeutic Riding

Students work with PATH, Intl. instructors to learn how to teach therapeutic riding lessons. This course helps prepare students to become PATH, Intl. certified instructors.

ANSC 4000 Internship

Students can work on obtaining their teaching hours under a certified therapeutic riding instructor. They can also work in the office and see the behind the scenes action of running an equine assisted therapy center.  


Graduate Courses

ANSC 5000 Internship

ANSC 5305 Advanced Therapeutic Riding

**These courses help fulfill requirements for the therapeutic option of the Equine Certificate offered in the animal science department.

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