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CBG Rates and Fee Schedule

Unlike many of the larger and/or international companies, the Center for Biotechnology and Genomics works beyond the raw data. We share all of our expertise when we work with you, providing collaborative services, experimental design, bioinformatics downstream analysis, and much more!

The CBG offers lower rates than most of the core laboratories in the country, and costs may be adjustable depending on the size and nature of your project.

Click here to view our fee schedule with the current rates for our standard services.

For more information and to obtain pricing for a specific service or project, please contact one of our Core Area Managers.

Nextgen Sequencing / Genomics

Dr. Mohamed Fokar
(806) 742-6927

Mass Spectrometry (including Proteomics / Metabolomics)

Dr. Fang Chen
(806) 834-1697


Dr. Chiquito Crasto
(806) 834-5448


Center for Biotechnology & Genomics