Texas Tech University


The Nextgen Sequencing/Genomics core facility at the Center for Biotechnology and Genomics provides sequencing services to the entire TTU community as well as outside customers.

These services include sequencing library preparation from DNA/RNA, sequencing on Illumina, MiSeq, and NovaSeq 6000 platforms, and primary and secondary data analysis. We also standardize new protocols for sequencing library preparation.

A major component of our service includes student training in Nextgen sequencing and associated Bioinformatics.

Services Offered: 

  • Stranded mRNA-sequencing for both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  • Small RNA sequencing
  • Single cell sequencing
  • Whole genome resequencing
  • 16S metagenome sequencing
  • Meta-transcriptome sequencing after target depletion
  • ChIP-sequencing
  • Primary and secondary data analysis
  • Bioinformatics services including data processing, data handling, and figure generation

The Nextgen Sequencing/Genomics Team:


Brochure for Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics Services Provided at the Center

Center for Biotechnology & Genomics