Texas Tech University

CASE Application Process

The CASE Program is best suited for students who can independently complete high school or college-level work, are motivated to be in college, will actively participate in the CASE Program, and are interested in pursuing a professional career. 

To apply for the CASE Program:

Download the CASE Application

Download the CASE Letter of Recommendation 

  1. Apply to Texas Tech University or South Plains College
    1. Students must be granted admission to either Texas Tech University or South Plains College prior to enrollment in CASE.
  2. Complete the CASE Application
    1. Download the CASE Application and email the completed application to applyCASE.educ@ttu.edu
  3. Gather Supporting Documentation
    1. Email the following supporting documentation to applyCASE.educ@ttu.edu:
      1. A copy of your college acceptance letter.
        1. Rationale: To verify your acceptance to either Texas Tech University or South Plains College for the specific semester you plan to enroll
      2. A copy of your most recent, completed, psychological evaluation (within the last 3 years). The evaluation should be printed on the official letterhead and contain the psychologist's contact information. The evaluation should include a diagnosis; academic levels in reading, writing, and math; any mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, etc.); and possible communication and processing challenges you may have.
        1. Rationale: To inform the CASE team of evidence-based assessments that provide a more well-rounded view of the student's strengths and areas that might need to be addressed once the student arrives on campus.
      3. Unofficial transcript(s) from high school and any previous college(s)/university(ies).
        1. Rationale: To verify credits and hours received at other educational institutes and to review previous successes and attention areas. 
      4. Two Letters of Recommendation Forms from former teachers, employers, or other significant individuals (other than relatives) who have known you for at least one year. Students should download and send the following document to the two people they wish to complete a Letter of Recommendation Form (Download the CASE Letter of Recommendation) Please note: In requesting an individual to submit a Letter of Recommendation you waive your rights to see the Letter of Recommendation submitted on your behalf. The responses will only be shared with CASE faculty and staff.
        1.  Rationale:  To gain additional insights about student strengths, challenges, and interactions with others outside the family setting.  
  4. Document Submission
    1. Submit the CASE Application form and supporting documents to applyCASE.educ@ttu.edu. An official interview will not be scheduled until we have received a completed application form and all supporting documents (including a college letter of acceptance, psychological evaluation, transcripts, and both letters of recommendation). 

Official Interviews

You will be contacted for an official interview once the CASE application and supporting documentation have been received. Students applying for the CASE program will be reviewed holistically based upon their completed application. Separate in-person interviews will be held with the prospective student and their parent(s)/guardian(s). The interview team will consist of two Learning Specialists and either the Director or the Assistant Director of the program. The interviews will include questions related to college readiness and provide an opportunity for the student/parent(s)/guardian(s) to understand the expectations of the CASE program. 

Official interviews must be completed before a decision is made regarding acceptance to the CASE program. Students will be contacted within 2 weeks of their official interview via the email provided in their application. The CASE program reserves the right to accept or deny applicants based on the holistic review of their completed application, required accompanying documents, and official interviews.