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The 2024 Burkhart Walk for Autism was a huge success!

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Family & ABA Services

Autism Resources

Our website includes an extensive Autism Resources section. There you will find resources including an array of information about autism, evidence-based intervention practices, navigating the special education process, and links to tools and suggestions you can start using today.

This area also includes our Local Autism Resource Guide. You can use the guide to find out about supports and opportunities in the Lubbock and neighboring areas, including medical providers, specialists, social programming, community events, and family support resources.

TTOCA - Texas Telehealth Outreach Clinic for Autism

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The Burkhart Center was recently awarded a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) that will allow for the creation of the Texas Telehealth Outreach Clinic for Autism (TTOCA) to bring several of the services we currently provided in our clinic to the entire state of Texas.

Learn more about TTOCA or contact us by email at mobile.burkhartclinic.educ@ttu.edu.

MOCA - Mobile Outreach Clinic for Autism

The Burkhart Center was recently awarded a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) that allowed the creation of our Mobile Outreach Clinic for Autism (MOCA). MOCA can now bring several services currently provided in our clinic to rural and migrant communities throughout West Texas. *Information obtained through participation in this project may be used for research purposes.

Learn more about MOCA or contact us via email at mobile.burkhartclinic.educ@ttu.edu.

Additional Family & Community Services

In addition to these resources and clinics, we offer a wide range of family and community services, including the Walk for Autism Awareness, Parents' Night Out, Camp Burkhart, and more!

See more of our Family & Community Services

College & Young Adult Services

CASE - Connections for Academic Success and Employment

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CASE assists students with developmental disabilities to navigate college to reach their academic goals and to find competitive employment after graduation.

Learn more about CASE.

Transition Academy

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The Burkhart Transition Academy assists in the successful transition of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder into higher education, vocational, or other settings.

Learn more about the Transition Academy.

Educator Services

Teacher Training Institute

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The Burkhart Center's Applied Behavior Analysis - Teacher Training Institute Program (ABA-TTI) offers professional training for teachers or clinicians working with students with autism and who are working towards becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). This program is offered through a professional development experience culminating in BCBA supervision and hands-on training in functional behavioral assessment and function-based treatment design.

Learn more about the Teacher Training Institute.



Early Signs of Autism

The Burkhart Center is now able to offer Comprehensive Developmental Evaluations. Our goal is to work with families to determine the best route to go in seeking a diagnosis as well as collaborating with your child's school if they are in or being considered for Special Education Services.

If you are a family seeking diagnosis, please complete the form found here:


School Evaluations

Many schools are currently overwhelmed and understaffed to complete evaluations for special education. Our team of evaluators who are Licensed Specialists in School Psychology, along with students studying to become credentialed can work with schools to help.

If you are a school district seeking support for your evaluations for eligibility, please complete the following form:



Data collected as part of the intake and assessment components of the services provided to you and your child will provide information to possibly be used for research purposes. If you choose not to include your information as part of the research component of our project, you can still receive services through our clinic, but we will exclude your information from statistical analysis and retroactive records review. For more information about your data and how it will be used, contact: burkhart.educ@ttu.edu.

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