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About the Burkhart Center

The Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research, named for Jim and Jere Lynn Burkhart who have made significant contributions to the establishment and mission of the Center, officially opened in October of 2005.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families by providing services, preparing educators, and conducting research.

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Our Faculty and Staff

Name Title Office Phone Email
Abdi, Novin Undergraduate Research Assistant 220   novin.abdi@ttu.edu
Allen, Tom Unit Associate Director - Financial Manager  205 806-834-5212 tom.allen@ttu.edu
Beights, Becca Research Associate 222 806-834-3458 rebecca.beights@ttu.edu
Brocklehurst, Dede Admin Business Assistant 104 806-834-4751 dede.brocklehurst@ttu.edu
Brooks, Taylor Learning Specialist 236 806-834-0779 taylor.j.brooks@ttu.edu
Burgoon, Jared Learning Specialist 236 806-834-4572 jared.burgoon@ttu.edu
Burris, Julia Graduate Research Assistant 220 806-834-0675 julia.burris@ttu.edu
Collins, Katherine Teacher Training Institute BCBA Supervisor     katherinehagen.collins@ttu.edu
Dotson, Wes Director 207 806-834-0783 wesley.dotson@ttu.edu
Dotson, Paige Graduate Research Assistant 220 806-834-2834 paige.dotson@ttu.edu
Dowell, Lande Graduate Research Assistant     lande.dowell@ttu.edu
Favela, Alexis Research Assistant 220 806-834-0935 alexis.j.favela@ttu.edu
George, Kirtana Undergraduate Research Assistant 220   kirtana.george@ttu.edu
Golden, Kelly Project Coordinator 206 806-834-0779 kelly.j.golden@ttu.edu
Green, Katherine

Transition Coordinator/
Employment Specialist

233 806-834-8530 katherine.green@ttu.edu
Hamrick, Jennifer Assistant Professor 219 806-834-0054 jennifer.hamrick@ttu.edu
Harmon, Rachel Learning Specialist 238 806-834-3929 rachel.harmon@ttu.edu
Harris, Julianna Post-Doctoral Research Associate 221 806-834-3644 julianna.harris@ttu.edu
Holcomb, Kristen Learning Specialist 238 806-834-5882 kristen.holcomb@ttu.edu
Leatherwood, Kirsten Graduate Research Assistant 220 806-834-0834 kirsten.leatherwood@ttu.edu
Lechtenberger, DeAnn Dir Community Outreach 218 806-834-7804 deann.lechtenberger@ttu.edu
Magness, Janice Director of the Transition Academy 216 806-834-3725 janice.magness@ttu.edu
Monawar, Tawny Mills Transition Coordinator/
Employment Specialist
128 806-834-2474 tawny.monawar@ttu.edu
Poppenger, Erin Business Coordinator 202 806-834-7020 erin.poppenger@ttu.edu
Prueitt, Nikkolina Clinical Supervisor 211  806-834-4435 nikkolina.chandler@ttu.edu
Ramos, Chris Transition Coordinator/
Employment Specialist
107 806-834-6450 christopher.r.ramos@ttu.edu
Richardson, Ashley Clinical Supervisor 213 806-834-0142 ashley.richardson@ttu.edu
Sheats, Allison Clinical Supervisor 217 806-834-3612 allison.sheats@ttu.edu
Teague, Melanie Grant Manager 230 806-834-2552 melanie.teague@ttu.edu
Vasquez, Maggie Transition Coordinator/
Employment Specialist
128 806-834-3020 maggie.vasquez@ttu.edu
Voland, Susan Unit Manager 215 806-834-1331 susan.voland@ttu.edu
Wargo, Lindsay Graduate Research Assistant 222   lindsay.wargo@ttu.edu