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URS Scholar Applications

Graysen and Katelyn Ortega graduated with honors from Food Sciences.


Scholars for Undergraduate Research (URS)
Our program allows undergraduate students to achieve goals traditionally reached only through graduate programs and advanced professional opportunities. TTU undergraduate students can apply year round, and will be invited to interview on an as needed basis. Interviews are conducted by a team of current undergraduate Scholars, faculty mentors and the program directors. New and current Scholars attend Annual Scholar Orientation in preparation to work year round with faculty mentors, up to 20 hours/week, and become an integral part of the CISER seamless community, participating in the a variety of dynamic events and opportunities offered by the CISER Science Education Program @ CISER.
Prerequisite for all URS applicants: Prior research experience on a research project for at least 3 months is required. Applicants to the program must have a recommendation/evaluation from their research mentor who should describe the applicant's abilities relative to the potential success of a URS. 
STEM Education Scholars (SEdS)
STEM Education Scholar (SEdS) applicants should be TTU undergraduates interested in teaching in the STEM fields, either at a K-12 level or the university level. You do not necessarily have to take education courses, but you should have some interest in teaching after graduation. SEdS will work directly with the Associate Program Director for STEM Outreach on STEM education outreach activities and research related to STEM education. New Scholars will attend Annual Scholar Orientation in preparation to work year round, up to 20 hours/week, with CISER staff, faculty, and area K-12 teachers on various research opportunities and outreach programs. 
Interested students should complete the SEdS Application and email it to jill.white@ttu.edu
Questions? Contact:
URS/UTS – Julie Isom, Associate Director for Research julie.isom@ttu.edu or
SEdS – Jill White, Associate Program Director of STEM Outreach, jill.white@ttu.edu