Texas Tech University


The LL&RC maintains a collection of instructional equipment. While most classrooms in our building have been equipped with larger equipment items, a number of smaller, portable, or carted items are still available for withdrawal.

Note that reservations for in-circulation portable equipment are always recommended, and that training and support is available from the LL&RC.

In-circulation Equipment Available for Withdrawal

  • Digital voice recorders
  • Photo & video cameras
  • Camera tripods
  • Easels
  • Microphones
  • Extension cords

Equipment Stationed in Classrooms

General Classrooms:

  • Audio amplifier system and stereo speakers.
  • LCD projector.
  • Motorized or pull down high-grade projection screens.
  • DVD player, most being region-free.
  • Ports/cables for connecting a laptop or tablet to the installed projector.

Qualia Room:

  • Audio amplifier system and large stereo speakers x 2.
  • LCD projector.
  • Motorized high-grade projection screen.
  • DVD/VHS player, region-free.
  • Instructor podium microphone.
  • Professional theatrical stage light array
    (for Qualia Room stage).

Language Lab & Research Center