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The Central Practice Theatre

Language Laboratory Practice Theatre

A central hub for many of the Language Laboratory's services is the Practice Theatre. This large room is filled with practice cubicles and the ASC ReLANpro student learning system. Students and instructors utilize the 41 stations for a variety of independent and class group activities, and the facility conducts a great deal of testing and assessment in this area.

The Main HelpDesk

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

This area could be considered the heart of the Language Laboratory. Students check-in to the facility here, and both students and faculty retrieve materials from and receive assistance at the HelpDesk. Many of the Language Laboratory's educational materials are housed at or near the HelpDesk area, and it is situated so that the Practice Theatre and several adjacent areas can be monitored from its central vantage point.

Private Study Booths

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

These small rooms are used for a variety of learner activities, such as watching videos, conducting pronunciation exercises, sitting for various exams, and similar activities.The Booths each have a traditional lab-style recorder, video equipment (DVD-VCR combination units and monitor), and some are outfitted with computers or other specialized equipment as needs arise.

Room 105

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

This large multi-media classroom is the most technologically advanced room in the Foreign Languages Building, second only to the Lab's Central Practice Theatre itself. The room seats 110, and features 4 projectors, a multi-speaker sound system, a computer with touchscreen, and a wireless mic. The room was originally outfitted thanks to a generous donation from Bruce G. and Carla Pollard Herlin.

The Qualia Room

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

The Qualia Room is named after the first language department head of the University, Dr. Charles Qualia, who is considered to have been the pioneer in establishing the world languages and literatures program at Texas Tech. He spent his entire career building and furthering the programs, and was a remarkable, innovative teacher. In Dr. Qualia's honor, the Qualia family has bestowed the gift of scholarships, and two endowed professorships—the Qualia Professorship in French, and the Qualia Chairship in Spanish. Dr. Qualia's devotion, and the honoring of him by his family and close friends, could simply not mean more to the institution, or to the students who ultimately benefit from his legacy, and the benefaction of his family.

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

Language Laboratory HelpDeskLanguage Laboratory HelpDesk

This special theatre-style room contains a full stage, professional lighting array, audio amplifier system, high-definition LCD computer projector, and motorized high-grade projection screen.

Digital Humanities Lab

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

The Digital Humanities Lab ("DHL") represents the forefront of faculty and student teaching and research in international language instruction and world literatures, as it is contextualized in the broad field of humanities. Providing a variety of software tools, the DHL fosters collaboration, research exploration, analysis, synthesis, and application.  Learn More ›

Video & Demonstration Lab

Language Laboratory HelpDesk

This specialized facility features a large TV, Blu-Ray player, and laptop connections for the presentation of special video materials, student demonstrations, and testing and assessment using video-based mediums. Courses dependent on this modality explore methods and approaches, with students taking an active part in presentations, such as in American Sign Language (a visual, non-spoken language).

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