Texas Tech University

Facilities / Areas

The Main Lab

The Main Lab is the centeral hub of the LLRC. It has a stage, projector, and 41 stations equipped with the Sanako Study language lab software. This system gives us full control of all stations from a main console. We can pair students up, voice and video record, observe and lock computers, etc. The main services provided here are:

  • Proctoring exams
  • Class activities
  • Training / Workshops
  • Data collection for research
  • Independent student work

The Small Lab

The Small Lab accommodates up to 20 students for individual or group work.  Students may work independently here when it is not reserved. 

The "Fish Bowl" (Language Learning Center)

The Language Learning Center, nicknamed the "Fish Bowl", is primarily used for ASL video recording. The schedule is posted on our main page with regular hours each semester. It features  PCs equiped with 4K cameras and a large TV for remote conferencing. When not reserved students may do independent work here. The space is also reserved for:

  • Special Class Projects
  • Language Club Meetings
  • Viewing Movies

The HelpDesk

This is the heart of the LLRC, right in front of the Main Lab. Students check-in to the facility here, and both students and faculty retrieve educational materials/equipment from this reception area. We provide:

  • Cameras
  • Voice Recorders

The Qualia Room

The Qualia Room is named after the first language department head of the University, Dr. Charles Qualia. This special theater-style room contains a full stage, professional LED lighting array, audio amplifier system, high-definition LCD computer projector, and a motorized high-grade projection screen. This room is often used for:

  • Conferences
  • Training/Workshops
  • Research Presentations
  • Special Events

Private Study Booths

These small booths are outfitted with computers and other specialized equipment as needs arise. They are used for: 

  • Make-up exams
  • Comprehensive exams
  • Tests with special accomodations
  • Learning activities

Research & Recording Booth

This aucustically treated booth is a quiet, private space, and it is reserved for research purposes. Faculty and graduate students may use this facility anytime during LLRC operating hours. For audio produciton we'll provide the recording equipment.
Materials that can be created here include:

  • Data collection instruments
  • CMLL promotional videos
  • Instructional materials

Video & Demonstration Lab
(CMLL 018)

This specialized facility features a large TV and computer for the presentation of special video materials, student demonstrations, and testing and assessment using video-based mediums. Courses dependent on this modality explore methods and approaches, with students taking an active part in presentations, such as in American Sign Language (a visual, non-spoken language). This area is reserved for:

  • Faculty meetings
  • Tutoring
  • Specialized class activities

Language Lab & Research Center