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Special Projects & Research

The Language Laboratory is available to assist with special needs and research projects. Special projects can span the creation or development of teaching materials, the production of recordings (video, audio), or the authoring of computerized tutorials, to name a few examples. It might also include special pedagogical applications with your students.

Research includes any pursuit, whether at the undergraduate, graduate or faculty levels, that is structured and under the supervision of a faculty mentor or investigator. The Language Laboratory can assist via the deployment of resources, staff time, and facilities, and limited budgets for materials, software or technology may be available to assist with projects undertaken by undergraduate or graduate students. Limited funding may also be available to assist faculty members when there is a strong connection to pedagogy, Applied Linguistics, or to an increase in the professional body of knowledge for language laboratory operation, support and/or strategies.

Project Requests

Please email the LL&RC director to discuss your proposed project in detail. Proposals are reviewed by the Director in consultation with the IT Specialist as appropriate.

Advance planning is always helpful so that the LL&RC can be prepared to meet the needs of approved projects. An optimum plan provides ample preparatory time, but please contact us to discuss your needs even if the timeline is short.

Graduate Students

The Language Laboratory specifically invites departmental graduate students, for those whose discipline is appropriate, to consider using the LL&RC for research projects contributing to their master's thesis or doctoral dissertation. The LL&RC would be glad to discuss how we can collaborate to support your project with our technology and facilities. As noted above, appropriate projects are those which involve, or are very closely associated with, pedogogy or linguistics in undergraduate world languages and culture instruction.


The LL&RC strongly suggests that those interested in conducting research contact the TTU Human Research Protection Program to follow prescribed advice and IRB protocols regarding research. Approvals will route through CMLL Administration and will assure no steps in the preparation process have been overlooked.

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