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Instructional personnel working in the Foreign Languages Building may reserve certain areas, equipment, and educational materials in advance. In fact, we certainly encourage this process since we may not be able to honor a late-breaking or walk-in request if the item(s) or area(s) are not available or if already reserved. Reservations provide much better assurance that we will be able to serve you!

Incidental or Occasional Reservations

Please call the Language Laboratory at 806-742-3151 to request a reservation. Our staff will be glad to check availability and to set your reservation. Please note that some items are in limited supply, and certain areas require a specific approval process. We will always strive to let you know as promptly as possible when your reservation is confirmed.

Semester-wide Reservations

It is often possible to request recurring reservations, such as the same item/area over a longer duration, such as several weeks, or even an entire semester. Recurring reservations are typically documented on specific forms and require careful planning, so please feel free to call or visit the Language Laboratory. Our staff will be glad to assist you and explain any special circumstances or protocols.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Instructional personnel can initiate a materials reserve in two fashions:

    • Materials already in the Language Laboratory's collection, such as DVDs, can be placed on reserve for a specific class or group of students. Our Instructional Media Specialist is typically the individual who handles these requests. The LL&RC will identify the material, place special markers in the relevant stacks section, and enter a special reservation in our information system. While on reserve, an item cannot be withdrawn from the LL&RC without special notification to the person who has it on reserve.
    • Material(s) owned by an instructor can also be placed in the facility, and made available along the above protocol, along with the additional parameter of whether or not the item can be withdrawn from the LL&RC.

Test Proctoring / Student Makeup Assignment Proctoring

The LL&RC can provide ad hoc, incidental test proctoring services, typically for one or just a few students. (Proctoring entire classes may be possible, depending on space and staffing considerations.) During a proctoring scenario, the LL&RC will provide whatever test or activity materials the instructor has provided, and will follow parameters as specified in the reservation (such as imposing time limits, allowing or not allowing access to peripheral materials such as dictionaries or other books, etc.). Please call us at 806-742-3151 to make arrangements. Note that the overall schedule of the LL&RC, and staff availability, may impact our ability to provide proctoring in a given time frame.

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