Texas Tech University

Master's Internship Experience

Congratulations! You are now entering the Internship experience phase of your educational experience in Higher Education. You will find information, internship handbook, and possible internship information. The Higher Education faculty are available to help make this a great experience for you. Please note, the information on this website about Internship sites is provided for reference only and is subject to change without notice.

Introduction to the Experience

The Master's level Internships provide the opportunity for hands-on experience in a higher education/student affairs setting, designed to provide a broad and in-depth perspective of higher education administration. All students must complete at least one internship. Intern opportunities are available in various offices on the Texas Tech University campus, in the community, and at other public and private colleges and universities in areas such as career development, student activities and community life, admissions, residential life, student health, multi-cultural programming, financial aid, tutoring and other higher education-related services and programs.

Students will receive academic credit for internships by enrolling in the course, EDHE 5393 (Internship in Higher Education) anytime after their second semester in the program. This is a one-semester course that is offered in the fall, spring and summer. As part of this course, students are monitored by a supervisor at their job site and then communicate regularly at the Higher Education faculty to reflect on their own professional development and to learn about the internship experiences of their higher education classmates.

Planning the Internship/Practicum

It is the responsibility of each student to locate an appropriate internship/practicum site and make arrangements for working within an organization. Students may seek help in locating a suitable position from your advisor or from the Higher Education Master's Program Coordinator. Students may not use their current jobs for credit. If students move to new positions in their organization or take on special, new responsibilities, they may petition for that to constitute an internship/practicum for the Higher Education program. Please see the Internship Handbook for more details on the internship process.


Masters Internship Purpose

The internship is designed to provide applied experience for the focus of knowledge, skills, principles, and techniques gained in the classroom, to a setting related to the student's chosen professional goals. The student will assume administrative responsibilities in an actual work setting to provide competencies in professional areas.

Types of Internships in Higher Education Administration

Three types of internships are available for credit in Higher Education Administration:

  1. Higher Education Administration
  2. Student Affairs Administration
  3. College Teaching

Numerous sites are available for these types of internships in area universities and community colleges. Your advisor can provide details about various internship sites from which to choose.

Credits and Time Commitments

Students completing an internship for credit must sign up for a three credit internship course. They are required to spend at least 10 hours per week at the internship site. Students are expected to log at least 150 internship hours at the site for the semester they are completing the internship. Students may sign up for more than one internship throughout the course of their program; however, they may only complete one internship per semester. The internship may occur at two different sites, or be applied in one particular area over the selected time periods. The internship experiences must complement or reflect the theoretical course content in the student's program of study, and be designed in consultation with the student's advisor.

Time Frame

All students must be completed initial paperwork approved no later than one month prior to the beginning of the semester in which the internship will occur unless specific permission is provided by their advisor.