Computing Facilities

The Center for Geospatial Technology is housed in the south wing of the new Experimental Sciences Building on the main campus of Texas Tech University.

The center operates in a fully-networked, multi-user server environment with three research labs, a teaching lab, a seminar classroom and office space. Each of the research labs is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations and licensed software.

Our server hardware and data storage are housed in the University Computer Center.

Geoprocessing Lab

124 Experimental Sciences

Database Development, Remote Sensing, Cartographics and Visualization

The Geoprocessing Lab is the main workroom in the Center.  The lab is equipped with six workstations, a large format scanner (Contex ScanPlus IV 636C) and two plotters (HP Designjet 5500ps and HP Designjet 130nr).  The six workstations are networked to our servers housed in the University Computer Center.  The Contex scanner provides the capability to scan large format maps and air photos.  The two plotters are used for producing hardcopy maps and posters.

Geospatial Applications Lab

123 Experimental Sciences

Application Programming, Database Design
and Enterprise Solutions

The Geospatial Applications Lab is dedicated to larger projects that require application programming and database design.  The main purpose of the lab is to develop enterprise solutions and experiment with new technologies.  The lab contains five workstations and a conference meeting area.

Geospatial Analysis Lab

122 Experimental Sciences

Special Projects, Remote Sensing Applications
and Graduate Student Research

The Geospatial Analysis Lab largely dedicated to special projects, including the development of remote sensing applications and graduate student research.  The lab contains five workstations and a conference meeting area.

Servers & Data Storage

The Center for Geospatial Technology is a fully networked, multi-user environment - with all of our workstations connected to servers and data storage housed in the University Computer Center.


Server Management

The Center maintains a close working relationship with the Technology Operations and Systems Management (TOSM) group on campus.  TOSM manages all of our servers and storage - providing weekly intermittent and full 30-day backups for all of our software, applications and data.

University Computer Center


Server Hardware

The Center currently has five servers managed by TOSM.

Two servers are Dell Blade M600s with 24GB RAM each. One blade hosts the Center’s website. The second blade stores GIS flat file data. A third blade server with 4GB RAM stores current project data and is connected to a SAN with 14.6TB storage.. A Dell PowerEdge R710 is dedicated for database storage, hosts SQL Server and is attached to an MD 1000 DAS with 60TB storage. A Dell PowerEdge 2950 is used to host GIS map services and is attached to a second MD 1000 DAS with 90TB storage. The Center also uses the TechShare file share for storing files used to administer the Center’s daily operations. 


Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell Blade Servers


Data Storage

The Center maintains 250 terabytes of space for data storage.  Most of our GIS data layers and imagery are housed on the university Storage Area Network.


GB switches

The university Storage Area Network (SAN)