Welcome to OUR Center

We live in a very exciting time. Over the past twenty years we have witnessed remarkable advances in computer technology and the evolution of the world-wide web. With the release of Google Earth, almost anyone with an Internet connection can explore the far reaches of the globe - from the urban canyons of Chicago to the Great Wall.

This ability to explore our world from the comfort of a local coffee-house is truly a remarkable achievement - and it will only get better.  With a new generation of remote sensing satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and geotagged social media - the global archive of high-resolution imagery and GIS data is growing fast.

While Google Earth, NASA's WorldWind and ArcGIS Explorer are fun, they also hold tremendous promise in science, education, business, government and society in general. With the ability to post and extract any georeferenced information, virtual globes provide a framework for organizing, managing, and sharing the world's geospatial information.

Geospatial technology is changing our world; the way we live and work, the way we educate our students, and the way we "do" science.

Once again, please join in this new age of global exploration and scientific discovery.

Center for Geospatial Technology
Texas Tech University