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IGCAST Employee Resources

Below are resources for IGCAST faculty, staff and students.

Work Safety

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Everyone is required to complete Lab Safety, Safety Awareness and COVID19 Training prior to starting work. 

In addition, all other trainings listed below are required for personnel working in the laboratory. 

Once you have completed a training, download the pdf certificate and also print one copy. Give the printed copy to your supervisor and email the electronic copy to your lab manager and Lori Walraven. Before starting work in the Phytotron, you must email electronic copies of your safety certificates to the Phytotron Manager.

Where to sign up for training:

Training Name Required for: Website
Safety Awareness Everyone Cornerstone
Lab Safety Everyone EHS Safety*
Compressed Gas Safety Lab Personnel EHS Safety*
Biological Safety Lab Personnel EHS Safety*
Flammable Liquid Safety Lab Personnel EHS Safety*
Recombinant DNA Safety Lab Personnel EHS Safety*
Liquid Nitrogen Safety Lab Personnel EHS Safety*

*EHS Safety Webpage Trainings

Visit the TTU EHS Safety Training Webpage and click on "Request Training" on the right hand side. Select the trainings required by your lab. You will receive email instruction on how to complete the training you request.


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For information on items not allowed on pcards, items that must be purchased through mandatory contracts, and policy violations please see TTU/TTUS Procurement Card, Prohibited Transactions, Mandatory Contracts and Policy Violations.

Techbuy Purchases:

When you receive any packages that you have ordered through Tech Buy:

  • On the packing slip, please circle the items that you have received and make any notes on the items that were not received
  • Return the completed packing slip to Lori, either on her desk or in her mailbox 

Procurement Documents:

IGCAST P-card Form

Staples Order Form

TTU Tax Exempt Letter

Travel Documents

Travel image from https://www.careerstaff.com/blog/travel-therapy/6-reasons-to-work-travel-pt-jobs/

IGCAST Travel Request Form 

IGCAST Fax Cover Sheet

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