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IGCAST Phytotron Rules and Responsibilities

Cotton Plant

Hours and Visitors 

Normal hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM through 4:00 PM. After hours authorization may be granted by Greenhouse Manager.

Visitors must register with the Greenhouse Manager prior to entering the Phytotron. All visitors must be accompanied by qualified greenhouse staff or authorized client at all times.

Tours may be scheduled with the Greenhouse Manager with three week notice.

Only personnel identified in the client agreement may use the Phytotron. All other personnel must abide by visitor rules.

IGCAST Greenhouse Client Responsibilities

  • Comply with IGCAST Phytotron Work Area Safety Plan
  • Comply with PSS Greenhouses Regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with institutional, state and federal biosafety regulations.
  • Complete required training. Comply with safety regulations. Wear appropriate PPE.
    • Phytotron Orientation is required for all first time users of the Phytotron and must be scheduled with the Greenhouse Manager prior to beginning work.
    • Proof of TTU Required Training and Certifications must be provided to the Greenhouse Manager for each user: Safety Awareness, Lab Safety and Hazards Communications.
    • Specialized equipment use may require additional training.
  • Read all notices and communications.
  • Identify climate parameters and provide to Greenhouse Manager.
  • Maintain experimental plants, e.g.:
    • Check that drippers are in place and plants are receiving prescribed irrigation.
    • Ensure that plants receive necessary care and treatments for purposes of experiment.
    • Maintain active role in project progress. Carry out all experimental procedures and make experimental measurements.
  • Report observations of pests, disease and facility issues to Greenhouse Manager immediately.
  • Label plant materials and equipment.
  • Maintain cleanliness of assigned space and weed-free benches and project materials.
  • Request project extensions in a timely manner.
  • Notify Greenhouse Manager when the project concludes. Promptly and properly, discard plant material and media. Wash pots. Leave the assigned area and equipment as found.



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