Texas Tech University

Reservation Requests

• Please utilize the form below to request greenhouse complex space. Verbal and email requests are not accepted. Contact the Phytotron Manager with any questions or concerns.
• Please allow 6 months advance notice for large projects (≥360 ft2 greenhouse space or >72 ft2 growth chamber space).
• Spaces may not be sublet.
• Rates begin the day of the reservation, regardless of when work begins.
• There is a six month use limitation on space. Clients may reapply for the same space.
• Permanent assignment of space is not available.
• Spaces not used within two months of assignment may be reassigned.
• Options are available to hold space for short terms for a fee. Please contact the Phytotron Manager for details.



First and Last Name of PI
What agency or company do you work with?
If you are affiliated with TTU, which department?
Please list any personnel that you would like to have access to this project. Include first and last name and phone numbers. NA if not applicable.
If other than PI
If other than PI
Include research objectives, plant species to be used, treatments that will be made to the plants, etc.
Do you need space in the greenhouse or the growth chamber or both? Check all that apply.
You are responsible for ensuring that your research meets the federal, state and institutional biosafety requirements.
Increments of whole tables only (45 ft sq)
How much space in the growth chambers do you need?
First day you will be allowed in the space.
Date by which you will have your project completed and removed.
Will you need greenhouse staff assistance with services such as potting plants, hand watering ect? If yes, please explain what you require in the comments section below.
Please list any other specific needs you might have, e.g. equipment, services, materials.
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