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All summer programs at the Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla, Spain, are faculty-led. Programs on offer range from engineering to music, and theatre to architecture. For more information about summer programs in Seville, review the faculty-led programs.

Learn Abroad

Faculty-Led Programs

Each year, usually in the summer, Texas Tech faculty teach courses abroad in locations around the globe. Students enroll in catalog courses, pay Texas Tech tuition and fees, and an additional program fee to participate in these programs. The program fee often covers room, board, excursions, and professor expenses; what the program fee includes depends on the program. Airfare is usually an additional cost, depending on the program. Students interested in studying abroad with other Texas Tech students and Texas Tech faculty should consider a faculty-led program.

To locate faculty-led programs, select "With TTU Faculty" under the Program Type filter option.

Partner Universities

Texas Tech students may study at our partner institutions in two different ways: with a provider-partner program, or an exchange-partner program.

  • Students choosing a provider-partner program will pay tuition and fees directly to the university or to a third-party intermediary. These programs offer a wide variety of courses in a multitude of locations. Programs offered through a third-party provide students an additional level of support beyond the support given by Texas Tech.
  • Students choosing an exchange-partner program will pay Texas Tech tuition and fees but register for and attend classes abroad. These programs offer students the chance to have a more immersive learning abroad experience at one of our many partner universities. Because of the immersive nature of these programs, students should be independent-minded.

Programs marked MAUI and Global E3 require that students be nominated by Texas Tech no later than February to study in the following academic year. Students interested in participating in one of these programs must meet with a Study Abroad counselor before beginning the application process. Programs marked Global E3 are for students within the Whitacre College of Engineering only.

See more information on the available Learn Abroad programs below.

Research Abroad

Are you interested in conducting undergraduate research abroad? If so, consider linking a study abroad experience with laboratory work or field studies in another country. Many study abroad programs have an independent research component or are structured entirely around an ongoing research project. While all students are required to apply through the Texas Tech Study Abroad office, you may contact the Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences for more details on faculty mentors and financial support.

See more information on the available Research Abroad programs below.

Intern Abroad

No matter what your post-graduate plans are, you will benefit by having a variety of experiences to help you develop personally and professionally. Interning abroad is the perfect way to accelerate your career path through career exploration and cultivation.

See more information on the available Intern Abroad programs below.

Serve Abroad

Service learning links academic study and civic engagement through thoughtfully organized service as a means for students to learn in practice what they are learning in theory in the classroom.

See more information on the available Serve Abroad programs below.

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