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Kinesiology Undergraduate Internships


The internship is the "capstone" experience for undergraduate Kinesiology students.  It should be an interesting, challenging, and enjoyable experience for all students. The internship allows the student to work and learn outside of the classroom at an approved site selected by the student. This program is designed to be a mutually beneficial experience and provide a practical, experiential learning environment for competent, energetic students. The internship will also extend a service to the cooperating site/facility by providing a new source of ideas, leadership, and potential candidates for employment.

The internship serves several purposes:

  1. To offer students the opportunity to learn new information and skills outside of the classroom
  2. To teach students how to apply the knowledge and skills learned through the Kinesiology curriculum courses to "real life" situations
  3. To assess the student's level of preparation to enter professional practice in the Kinesiology professions

KIN 4375 - Internship Information

KIN 4375 - Internship in Kinesiology - Pre-requisite

  • Junior or Senior status / Instructor permission

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