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Parents and Family Members of High School Students

Texas Tech offers a wide range of academic and social experiences to prepare students to be successful in their lives.

Being an involved parent is more crucial now than ever. Students need to know they have support as they navigate college life and strive to excel in a competitive arena. Research has shown that the more parents are involved, the more likely it is a student will remain enrolled and persist to graduation. Parent involvement at Texas Tech is encouraged!

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Visit Making College the Reality: A Guide for High School Parents, a resource to help you plan for your student's college education and show your student why college is important to his/her success

First Year

  • Talk to your guidance counselor to make sure you understand college entrance requirements
  • Begin saving information about your scholastic and athletic achievements
  • Get involved early
    • At your school & in your community
    • Much of your success in college will depend on your ability to manage time
    • Colleges look for students who are active and are able to handle busy schedules
    • The more people you meet, the more experience you gain, the better chance you will have of discovering your interests
  • It's never too early to dream about "what you want to be when you grow up"
  • Don't forget to have fun!

Sophomore Year

  • Meet with your guidance counselor to ensure you are on target with your core academic requirements
  • Choose a cause and devote some of your free time to that cause
    • The more you give to the community and others in need, the more the community will give back to you in return
  • Schedule yourself to take the PSAT in the spring
    • Taking the PSAT can only help you. It does not count in terms of college admissions
  • Stay active in your school. Consider taking on a leadership role of some sort.
  • Keep in mind that it is never a failure to try something and temporarily not succeed. The only time you fail in life is when you stop trying
  • Keep a daily planner and use it for everything you do
    • School, work and even home activities
    • Time management is crucial in terms of preparing for college
    • Develop good habits now and the rest will be easy. (Well maybe not easy, but easier)

Junior Year

  • Meet with your guidance counselor to ensure you are on target with your core academic requirements
    • Discuss your GPA and class rank
  • Schedule yourself to take the SAT and/or the ACT
    • Consider using a study guide prior to the exam
  • Stay active in your extra-curricular activities
    • Consider volunteering for a community activity or event
  • Look for scholarship, grant and financial aid opportunities now
    • The more you look, the more you will find
    • Familiarize yourself with the proper essays and qualifications needed to receive such money
  • Sign up for our business/professional mentor program
    • Whether you want to be a teacher, engineer, hotel manager, doctor, fashion designer, lawyer, airline pilot or a business owner, one way to find out if it is for you is to talk with people already in that field.
    • Don't wait until you are already in college. Too many students change majors or schools because they did not know what career they wanted to pursue. This causes many students to become frustrated and drop out.
  • Begin attending recruitment receptions held by colleges/universities in your area either by open or special invitation. Meet people and ask questions to get a feel of the type of people at the institution.
  • Know who your Texas Tech Admissions Counselor is.

Senior Year

  • Meet with your guidance counselor to ensure you are on target with your core academic requirements
  • Schedule yourself to retake the SAT and/or the ACT
  • Stay active in your extra-curricular and community service oriented activities.
  • Continue your studies and working hard on your time management skills.
  • Make a list of colleges that interest you and log application date deadlines.

Adapted from www.believeyoucanfly.org