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Red Raider Family Guide

Cover artwork for Red Raider Family GuideRed Raider Family Guide - Parents need guidance when their students embark on an amazing journey called college. This helpful guide is a favorite with Texas Tech parents and is designed to inform, provide support, and answer your questions. Updated every year, this guide is a great tool to help families navigate the many resources at Texas Tech that support theri Red Raider's succes.



College Ready

Book cover - College Ready 2021We are pleased to provide you with a complimentary copy of College Ready 2022: Expert Advice for Parents to Simplify the College Transition. It provides practical guidance on what should be done during the summer, during drop-off, and the first semester.

Chapters address top-of-mind concerns including packing, money, staying connected, promoting responsible independence and supporting academic success.

Checklists accompany each chapter so you don't forget anything, and the book is full of ideas on how to start those tough, but very much needed, conversations.  

Each chapter of College Ready 2022 is written by a university official who works with parents to enhance student success at the collegiate level.  

To access your free, downloadable, electronic copy, please visit the Wise Action website and enter TTU2022 at check-out.  Printed copies of College Ready 2022 are also available for purchase.


Additional titles you may be interested in:

  • You're On Your Own: But I'm Here if You Need Me 
    Marjorie Savage, 2020.
  • The Happiest Kid on Campus: A Parent's Guide to the Very Best College Experience (for You and Your Child)
    H. Cohen, 2010.
  • Getting to 30: A Parent's Guide to the 20-Something Years
    Jeffrey Jensen Arnett and Elizabeth FIshel, 2014.
  • Out to Sea: A Parent's Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage
    Kelly Radi, 2016.
  • Letting Go, Sixth Edition: A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years
    Karent Levin Coburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger, 2016.