Texas Tech University

Scintillator Photon Studies


The research I (Timothy Ramos) am doing for Dr. Whitbeck involves studying light collection efficiency of scintillators using python simulations as well as understanding their properties based on looking at pulse data derived from an electronic setup where a scintillator and radioactive source are placed on a test stand with a photodetector to detect photons produced that can induce photoelectrons producing a “gain” which is a multiplying effect of many electrons traveling due to a single photoelectron. This gain creates a current pulse that an oscilloscope can read and can gather data from corresponding events. Other plots produced in python can tell us what the most probable value (MPV) of photoelectrons are, when taking all events of the experiment into consideration for a single scintillator. Moreover, our research also entails understanding the electronics behind the measurement-taking system, so that we can monitor certain variables in the electronics using a UART Interface Communication Protocol.