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Department of Political Science - Job Placement Services

The Department will, at a students request, maintain a placement file doctoral students may use to apply for positions.

The placement file will contain the students vita and other material supplied by the student. In addition to student-supplied material, the placement file will contain letters of reference requested by the student. Unless the student explicitly requests otherwise, and so notifies his or her referees before they compose their letters, all letters of reference will be treated as confidential and will not be available to the student.

The placement file can be accessed only by the departments secretarial staff, the Department Chair, the Graduate Advisor, or the students major professor. Students wishing to review the material they provided for the file should request one of these individuals to obtain the non-confidential material for the student.

Student requests for their placement file to be mailed for a job opening must include approval by their major professor using the departmental form. The department will cover duplication and standard mailing costs for up to 30 copies of the placement file each academic year. Requests for additional copies to be mailed out will be at the students expense.


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