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Justin Carter ABD

Major: Comparative, American
Minor: Methods
Ethnic politics and conflict, security studies justin.carter@ttu.edu

Melanie Liann Gallagher ABD

Major: International relations, comparative
Minor: Methods
Borders settlement, interstate conflict, rentier states, resource deposits melanie.gallagher@ttu.edu
Jonathan Martin Ph.D. Major: Comparative, international relations European politics, parties, voting behavior jonathan.martin@ttu.edu
Tyson Meredith ABD Major: Comparative, international relations
Minor: American
Terrorism, domestic sources of international conflict, political violence, party system effectiveness, democratization ty.meredith@ttu.edu

David Pena  ABD

Major: American, comparative
Minor: Methods
Political behavior, biopolitics, gender politics, institutions, Middle East politics david.pena@ttu.edu
Mikhail Rybalko Ph.D. Major: Comparative, international relations
Ethnicity and gender in politics, party institutionalization, hegemonic parties, Eastern Europe (Russia), regional legislatures mikhail.rybalko@ttu.edu



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