Texas Tech University

Yooneui Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Political Science

Email: yooneui.kim@ttu.edu

Room Number:  Holden Hall 10

Curriculum Vita

Yooneui Kim is an assistant professor in the Political Science department at Texas Tech University. Professor Kim received her Ph.D. degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa, specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and quantitative analysis. Her primary research agenda focuses on the factors that facilitate international cooperation in non-traditional security issues, such as human rights, development, environment, etc. Her research agenda also includes the relationship between international cooperation and domestic politics.

Her work appears in Foreign Policy Analysis, International InteractionsInternational Area Studies Review, and so on.




Dr. Yooneui Kim

Department of Political Science

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    Dept. of Political Science, Texas Tech University, 113 Holden Hall, Boston & Akron Streets, Lubbock, TX 79409-1015 Fax: 806.742.0850
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