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2021 Graduates

Words of wisdom to current members...


                                                               Rob Tuckerfield


Rob Tuckfield

I switched my major to Personal Financial Planning as a Junior, so I was immediately jumping in to heavy PFP courses. Someone suggested joining Red to Black, and I am so glad I did. I cannot imagine this major without Red to Black, it's been such an integral part of my learning and development. I learned concepts in class, then got to immediately apply them to the real world. I've been able to help my fellow students every semester, but as a coach I got to see the impact from one on one sessions. 


I also made many friends in Red to Black that I may not have met otherwise. Working together is very different from being in class together. My advice to new members is to get involved as much as possible. Some of my favorite memories from my time in the program were hanging out at the cube doing some work and chatting with other Red to Black members.