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The Rawls College Ph.D. in Business Administration's faculty is committed to mentoring and producing the next generation of leading business educators and researchers. The faculty aspires to train students to effectively analyze and synthesize data and literature in their chosen field while concurrently building a breadth of theoretical and methodological research knowledge and expertise. Upon graduation, graduates are able to communicate complex discipline-specific research findings clearly and coherently. Students are able to meet this objective because of a faculty that invests heavily in their success and through a program that is affordable, collegial, efficient, and flexible.

  • The college's competitive Ph.D. student stipends combined with the low cost of living in Lubbock makes the program cost effective without sacrificing quality. Additionally, students have the opportunity to apply for assistantships, scholarships, travel stipends, and research grants.
  • The program encourages a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment where students work closely with fellow Ph.D. students and faculty members. The team-oriented culture of the program enhances students' education.
  • Students can potentially complete their degree in only four-to-five years.
  • Students have the opportunity to partner with a leading professor to conduct original research about a general topic area that they both find interesting and relevant.

The Ph.D. in Business Administration develops candidates to:

  • effectively analyze and synthesize literature in their field.
  • have the breadth of research knowledge including knowledge of theories of research and research methodology.
  • acquire expertise in their field of emphasis and supporting fields.
  • communicate complex information clearly and coherently.
  • conduct high-quality, independent research.

Application Deadline

For PhD students seeking admittance for Fall 2019, the application deadline is May 1, 2019. However, in order to access the widest array of financial support, we encourage students to apply as early as a year in advance of their anticipated start date.

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