Texas Tech University

Submission Process

Cayuse IRB is the online system Texas Tech researchers will use for submitting their IRBs. All faculty can automatically login to Cayuse IRB by using their eraider and password through the HRPP website. TTU staff and students must request user access through the HRPP website.

Using branch logic, researchers will answer questions related to their study and skip irrelevant ones. For example, checking a box may prompt additional questions specific to that subject matter. Some questions are required, and some questions are not. As you complete each section, please provide answers to questions that are relevant to your study. Adequately answering questions will provide information to the IRB Reviewer to understand the study and facilitate the review process.

IRBs are assigned to reviewers every Monday based on the order the HRPP office receives the submission from the researcher. The reviewer then has 10 business days to complete each review. Most reviews will require two-to-three exchanges of revisions.  TTU IRB faculty reviewers will NOT conduct reviews when faculty are off-duty (Winter Break, May and Fall Intersessions). If a review is needed during this time period contact the HRPP Manager.

In Cayuse IRB, the status of your study can be found under the Submissions icon on the left side menu. You can also click on the specific submission for more details.

Status Definitions

  • In-Draft: The submission has not been completed and is still being edited by the research team.
  • Awaiting Certification: The submission is awaiting PI review and certification.
  • Pre-Review: The submission is with the HRPP office for pre-screening.
  • Under Review: The submission has been sent to the IRB Reviewer.
  • Approved: The study has been reviewed and approved by the IRB.
  • Closed: The study has been completed and closed.
  • Expired: The study has not been renewed and the research procedures must stop.

IRBs reviewed and not returned with revisions will be administratively withdrawn after 90 days. IRBs created in the previous calendar year and not submitted for review will be administratively withdrawn in June of every year.

Researchers work with the IRB to reach an agreement on the best ways to protect human subjects while conducting research. In cases where the investigator and IRB reach an impasse, a decision by the IRB to not approve a project is final. Federal regulations specifically prohibit the university from approving a project that the IRB has disapproved.