Texas Tech University

A Record year for texas tech research

Research Success

Reads: $230 million Total Research Expenditures. * indicates university record
$45 million federal awards
Reads: 126% increase in federal awards since 2018
Reads: 48 million federal research expenditures in FY23
41% increase in book and book chapters since 2018
61 faculty among the top 2% of most cited researchers in the world in 2022

Texas University Fund and the Opportunity to Elevate Texas

Michelle Pantoya, a professor and the J.W. Wright Regents Chair in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is leading the collaborative Energetic Material Basic Research (EMBR) Center to ensure the U.S. stays on the cutting edge of technology and has a workforce capable of providing our military and homeland security with the tools they need.

With the Texas University Fund (TUF) on the ballot in November as Proposition 5, Texas Tech's next 100 years look like an opportunity to change the world.

Looking back, it's worth remembering what has already been accomplished and taking some pride in what has already been done to combat issues of the past. Learn More

Research Highlights

delong zuo examines damage from Matador, Texas tornado

Lifesaving Measures

Two Texas Tech National Wind Institute engineers surveyed damaged buildings after the Matador tornado with hopes of developing more windstorm-resistant structures.

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Ali Nejat, an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental & Construction Engineering at Texas Tech's Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering was awarded the lead on the project and will serve as the center's director.

Texas Tech Taking Lead in HUD Research Center of Excellence

The project will focus on helping local, state and federal agencies anticipate and address post-disaster needs.

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A group of Texas Tech University researchers is working to expand available mental health resources for young people throughout West Texas, particularly those in rural areas, combining thorough assessments with an array of accessible treatment options.

Expanding Access to Mental Health Resources

Texas Tech researchers work together to connect young people with a broader array of treatment options.

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Wakeman is testing the effectiveness of unique combinations of already approved antibiotics against various strains of drug-resistant microorganisms.

Finding Fresh Approaches for Tried-and-True Antibiotics

Texas Tech researchers are taking a closer look at drug-resistant organisms and searching for new ways to attack them.

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The project looks to gain a better understanding of weather and climate features in light of the increasing number of extreme weather-related events.

Looking for Answers to Climate-Related Challenges

Sandip Pal, Texas Tech researchers will use NASA grant to observe West Texas precipitation and other weather events.

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Chandra Telescope Courtesy: Harvard University

Looking for Insights from Our Nearest Star-Forming Galaxy

A Texas Tech astronomer is leading a team awarded a highly competitive Chandra program to study the stellar remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

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