Texas Tech University

Presidents’ Collaborative Research Initiative

June 1, 2015

For current information about this award, please visit its award page here.

The chancellor and presidents of TTU, TTUHSC, and TTUHSC El Paso, announce a new initiative that is designed to stimulate the expansion of collaborative sponsored federal research across the system. Many exciting opportunities for research programs are now found in interdisciplinary areas that require close interactions among scientists with different types of scientific expertise. This initiative is designed to capture that excitement by providing up to $50,000 per award to develop collaborative projects involving faculty from at least two of the three participating system institutions. Up to four awards will be made this year. The goal and expectation is that the institutional support for each collaborative research grant will lead to submission of a competitive proposal to a major federal funding agency within 18 months.

Watch the informational meeting here for more details:

The letter of intent deadline has passed. If you have not filed a letter of intent and wish to submit a proposal, please contact proposals.vpr@ttu.edu as soon as possible.

The timeline for applications is as follows:

  • Applications should be submitted by July 24.
  • Decisions will be made and awards announced by the week of Aug. 17.
  • Start date will be on or about Sept. 1.

You can learn more about the application and submit yours here >>