Texas Tech University

Award Negotiation and Acceptance


While technical negotiations are always conducted with the PI/PD, business, financial and administrative negotiations are conducted with personnel authorized to negotiate on behalf of the university. ORS is the office authorized to negotiate these matters. The PI/PD will be involved and informed in any negotiation, and no decisions will be made without full concurrence of the PI/PD.


The Office of Research Services (ORS) has contract negotiators that are responsible for reviewing, signing and processing awards for all sponsored projects. Texas Tech works with a wide variety of sponsors, including federal, state, industry, non-profit and foreign. Different award documents may be utilized depending on the sponsor and requirements of the project. Texas Tech requires that all sponsored projects awarded to the University be reviewed and signed by an authorized official, which is not the PI. TTU faculy are not authorized to signed sponsored project agreements.

For more information contact Cui Romo at cui.romo@ttu.edu or Emily Everette at emily.everette@ttu.edu.

Office of Research Services