Texas Tech University

Facilities & Administrative Costs (F&A)

Facilities and Administrative (F&A)/indirect costs must be included using TTU's federally-negotiated rates unless the federal or not-for-profit sponsor has a statutory policy applicable to all potential proposers which deviates from these rates.

All other deviations are subject to TTU administrative approval by the appropriate Dean and Vice President for Research. Sponsor guidelines limiting facilities and administrative costs must be provided with your proposal. Projects funded by the for-profit sector must accrue F&A at the appropriate negotiated rate.

Current Facilities & Administrative Costs

Rates effective September 1, 2019

  • On-campus
    • Research
      • FY20 - 50% of modified total direct costs (MTDC)
      • FY21 - 51% MTDC
      • FY22 - 53% MTDC
  • Off-campus – 26% MTDC
  • Instruction – 51% MTDC
  • Other Sponsored Activity – 39% MTDC

Base – Modified total direct costs (MTDC) – Total direct costs less items of equipment in excess of $5000, alterations and renovations, costs in excess of $25,000 on each subgrant/subcontract, stipends, and other flow-through funds.

Off Campus Rates

Off campus rates are generally used when the principal investigator or other research staff is actually conducting research away from the campus for a period of no less than one long semester or all three summer months. Costs which are incurred in the field generally qualify for the off campus rate.

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