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Routing Proposals

Routing Information

To ensure that federal and state guidelines are met and that the intellectual and academic objectives of the University are maintained, all proposals for external funding must be reviewed at appropriate administrative levels prior to submission. Internal approvals at Texas Tech University are obtained with the Internal Processing Form using Cayuse SP.

What must be routed for internal approval?

An Internal Processing Form is required for any of the following:

  • New proposal (research, training, community service or other)
  • Renewal proposal–not previously committed
  • Renewal proposal–previously committed that requires an authorizing official signature
  • Continuation proposal
  • Supplemental funds–including income over budget
  • Budget revision to either an active project or pending proposal where any of the following conditions apply:
    • Increase in funding or cost sharing
    • Adding a subcontract or increasing the amount of an existing subcontract
  • Change of Project Director, Co-Project Director or Senior Personnel
  • Change of Percentages of credit for Project Director, Co-Project Director or Senior Personnel

How to route a proposal and obtain approval to submit

Many federal proposals can be uploaded into Cayuse 424 for electronic submission. If your proposal is not available electronically, or if hard copies must be mailed, bring the hard copies to ORS for signature and mailing. In these cases ORS requests one file copy of the complete proposal.

Cayuse SP Internal Processing Forms are approved first by the Project Director, then the Department Chair, then the Dean of the School or appropriate administrative official (if appropriate). If project personnel are from more than one department or college, all associated co-PIs, chairs and deans must approve.

ORS staff will review the proposal, verify that the project is in compliance with applicable regulations, policies and assurances, obtain any required institutional signatures and transmit (or advise the project director to submit) the proposal to the agency according to agency guidelines.

Have questions about a step in this process? Find your Pre-Award and Post-Award contacts. 

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