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Internal Document Signing Certificate Services

Telecommunications is pleased to announce the automatic enrollment and distribution of digital certificates to all TTU employee eRaider accounts when logging onto ttu.edu Active Directory joined workstations. These internally recognized certificates allow for digital signing of documents intended for internal, University use, only.

Requesting Internal Document Signing Certificates - Simply log in to any ttu.edu Active Directory joined workstation using your eRaider account. You will be automatically issued a certificate. After logging off, the certificate will then become available to you on any other domain-joined system after subsequent logon.

Renewing Internal Document Signing Certificates - Your certificate will automatically renew prior to expiration when logging on to any ttu.edu Active Directory joined workstation.

Pricing - There is no cost to departments for internal document signing certificates.

Identifying Internal Document Signing Certificates - Your internal document signing certificate is identified by the issuer “TTU Internal Document Signing.”

Revoking Internal Document Signing Certificates - Send an email to ithelpcentral@ttu.edu specifying the certificate to be revoked and the reason for revocation.

Contact IT Help Central online or at 806-742-HELP(4357) if you require further assistance with internal document signing certificates


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