Texas Tech University

DNS and Internet Domain Administration

  1. All domain name service (DNS) and Internet domains for Texas Tech University and all its departments may only be operated or managed by Texas Tech University Telecommunications.
    1. For the ttu.edu domain, DNS system names are dynamically assigned to IP addresses in the form of system-name.[dept.]ttu.edu.
    2. DNS aliases are assigned to systems according to the Texas Tech University Internet Naming Guidelines.
    3. DNS servers & services within Texas Tech University's networks may only be operated by Texas Tech University Telecommunications.
    4. Other types of name resolution servers may only be operated by Texas Tech University Telecommunications. These types include, but are not limited to NBNS (WINS), H.323 Gatekeeper, SIP, and mDNS (multi-cast DNS).
  2. The Director of Telecommunications has been authorized by the InterNIC as the Domain Administrator for several Internet domains including, but not limited to TTU.EDU, TTU.NET, TEXASTECH.EDU, and TEXASTECH.ORG
    1. Subdomain delegation is rare and by request only. Requests for subdomain delegation must be submitted to the Director of Telecommunications for consideration


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