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Windows OU Administration

This section contains TTUnet Active Directory OU Administration standards. If you have questions about the standards contained herein, please contact the Director of Telecommunications.

  1. Only service accounts1 and administrative accounts2 may be created within an OU. No personal, general-use accounts may be created. Users (employees, students, guests) must always use their eRaider account when accessing computing systems.
  2. All service account and administrative account usernames and group names must begin with your organization's TTUnet code followed by an underscore (e.g., lib_admins, ba_staff, itts_lab_east). Click here for a list of all TTUnet organization codes.
  3. Computer Accounts:
    1. All systems must be configured to use DHCP
    2. Texas Tech University employees may join computers to the domain; computer accounts will be automatically created in the ttu.edu/ttu/Computers OU
    3. OU Administrators may move their departmental computer accounts from the ttu.edu/ttu/Computers OU as needed
    4. Optionally, OU Administrators may pre-create computer accounts in their departmental OU
  4. OUs will be periodically audited for compliance with this policy. Necessary steps will be taken to bring non-compliant directory objects into compliance

1Service Account: An account used in the context of running a Windows service (e.g., Directory Replicator, Microsoft SQL Server). 
2Administrative Account: An account which is granted administrative rights for the purpose of performing administrator-level operations within the Windows operating system.


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