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This section contains TTUnet SMTP mail standards. If you have questions about the standards contained herein, please contact the Director of Telecommunications.

SMTP Services

  1. All SMTP mailers are centrally managed by TTUnet Systems under the TechMail umbrella.
  2. The IT Division also maintains an SMTP list server for the purpose of providing services for mailings that include both internal and external recipients.
  3. SMTP protocol access through the Internet firewall is limited to the systems described above.

SMTP Relay Service

  1. TechMail includes SMTP relay service for web sites and applications hosted on servers, as well as appliances (e.g. printers and copiers), on TTUnet.
  2. Administrators may request permission for such systems to relay email through TechMail via the SMTP Relay request form.
  3. SMTP relay permissions must be renewed annually on a per system basis to retain relay permissions.
  4. External systems may not relay through TechMail systems.


  1. Spoofing, which is sending email from an address or domain without authorization, is prohibited.
  2. TechMail is the only authorized e-mail system for the @ttu.edu domain. Sending messages purporting to be from this domain from any other system is strictly prohibited.
  3. External messages from @ttu.edu addresses will be rejected.

SMTP Mail From Hosted Services

  1. Many hosted services include email functionality that TTU customers may wish to associate with the TTU namespace. Some hosted services can be accommodated in a variety of ways, including:
    • The standard reply-to or send-on-behalf-of options;
    • With IT approval, an alternate TechMail Functional Mailbox sending mail domain that has been established for this purpose.
  2. Vendor systems may not send messages from the @ttu.edu domain.
  3. Vendor IP addresses are not white listed by TechMail systems.
  4. IT Division review is required before entering into agreements for hosted services that include email functionality. Not all hosted services can be accommodated due to vendor limitations.

Marketing, Announcements, Surveys, Spam, and Unsolicited Commercial Email/Unsolicited Bulk Email (UCE/UBE)

  1. It is illegal for an unauthorized individual to use State of Texas mail systems to deliver unsolicited commercial mail. Texas Tech University has an obligation to prevent such use and to assure that e-mail from Texas Tech University will be received by other mail domains.
  2. Sending of spam and UCE/UBE through TechMail is prohibited.
  3. Accounts that send spam will be disabled and outgoing mail will be removed from TechMail.
  4. External marketing campaigns, surveys, and large volume mail applications require Office of the CIO approval before being sent through TechMail and must be CAN-SPAM compliant in order to ensure ongoing deliverability of University email.
  5. E-mail surveys of TTU faculty, staff, or students require Office of the CIO approval, whether generated internally or by a third party. Approval may be revoked if TechMail deliverability is negatively impacted.

All workstation clients sending SMTP messages must use authenticated SMTP via smtp.office365.com.


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