Texas Tech University

Title IX Team

Title IX Coordinator

  • The University official in charge of oversight of the Title IX processes and procedures for the University.
  • Dr. Kimberly Simón | kimberly.simon@ttu.edu | 806.834.1949

Deputy Title IX Coordinator and & Assistant Title IX Coordinator for Students/Case Managers

  • The University official who assists students involved in the Title IX process. The Case Manager can connect students to Supportive Measures and answer questions about the process, University policies and procedures, and all available options. 
  • Meredith Holden | meredith.holden@ttu.edu | 806.834.5556
  • Denise Tijerina | denise.tijerina@ttu.edu | 806.834.0108

Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Employees

  • The University official assigned to oversee inquiries for Employee Title IX matters.
  • Dawn Payne | dawn.payne@ttu.edu | 806.834.2713

Title IX Training & Outreach Coordinator

  • The University official who facilitates trainings, presentations, workshops, and additional outreach opportunites to the campus community. The Title IX Training & Outreach Coordinator also serves as a member of the Case Management Team, connecting students to Supportive Measures.
  • TBD

Pregnancy & Parenting Liaison 

  • The University official who assists students who are pregnant or parenting or experiencing life situations related to pregnancy. The Pregnancy & Parenting Liaison can connect students to supportive measures, including academic support, local and nationwide pregnancy and parenting resources,  and answer questions regarding support for student-parents detailed under Title IX and Texas Laws S.B. 412, H.B. 1361 and S.B. 459.
  • Alex Faris | alfaris@ttu.edu  806.834.3420

Civil Rights Investigators

  • The trained University official assigned to carry out an inquiry and to try to discover and examine the facts of a reported incident. The Investigator is a neutral party in the Title IX process. 
  • Glenn Mellinger | glenn.mellinger@ttu.edu | 806.834.5727
  • Andrea Regalado | andrea.regalado@ttu.edu | 806.834.2537
  • Greg Cruz | greg.cruz@ttu.edu | 806.834.5349

CARE (Campus Advocacy, Response & Education) Coordinators:

Student Ambassadors

Title IX Liaisons  

  •  Academic Affairs
    • Dr. Emily Skidmore | Associate Professor and Interim Chair of History 
    • 62 Holden Hall
    • 806.834.0656 | emily.skidmore@ttu.edu  
  •  Students
    • Dr. Matt Gregory | Dean of Students
    • Suite 201 AA, Student Union Building
    • 806.742.2984 |deanofstudents@ttu.edu
  • Employees
    • Jodie Billingsley | Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
    • 160 Doak Conference Center
    • 806.742.3851 | jodie.billingsley@ttu.edu
  •  Athletics

Title IX