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Students have several options for handling a Title IX or Sexual Misconduct incident. Students may:

  • Make a confidential report to medical and/or counseling services for medical treatment and support
  • Make a report (including anonymous reports) for support services only, such as to request a change in housing, absence notification to professors, etc.
  • File a Formal Complaint to participate in the Formal Grievance Process. Students may choose to facilitate an Informal Resolution pursue an investigation for a potential disciplinary outcome. (Please See University Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Procedures for Students Above). Please note: if the Respondent (the alleged) is a Faculty or Staff member, the investigation will follow the policies and procedures of the Office of Equal Opportunity.
  • Make a report to the campus or city Police Department for a criminal investigation

Students may select more than one option. Students may report a Title IX/Sexual Misconduct violation or seek Supportive Measures at any point in time. However, the university can only pursue an investigation during the Respondent's time as a member of the Texas Tech community. Other benefits of reporting early include:

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