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Training and Outreach Opportunities

The Title IX Training and Outreach Coordinator is a friendly face supporting our Texas Tech  community! With the primary goal of educating, empowering, and equipping our campus community, Alex Faris provides trainings and facilitates workshops to students, faculty, and staff. Specifically tailoring presentations to each group's needs, we offer an engaging space to learn about University policies, resources, and prevention.

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Browse our training menu below to learn more about what we can offer to your group! All workshops utilize scenario-based learning to apply workshop content to real-world situations and can be tailored to specific needs or interests.


Title IX Basics

  • Overview of Title IX and the Office for Student Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct
  • Supportive Measures and Resources
    • How Can Our Office Help?
    • On-campus, Community, and National Resources
  • Reporting
    • When Should I Report an Incident?
    • What Happens When a Report is Filed?
    • University Mandated Reporting Policy
    • How to Report an Incident

Healthy Relationships Workshops

Partnering with the One Love Foundation, we facilitate several healthy relationship workshops while also ensuring students know about University resources. The workshops use short films and interactive discussions to educate students about healthy and unhealthy relationships, empowering them to identify and avoid abuse and learn how to love better.

Behind the Post

Billions of photos are posted to social media every day, but you can't always see the big picture through the small ones, especially when it comes to unhealthy relationships. Behind the Post examines unhealthy relationship behaviors and the role social media can play.

Mandated Reporter Training

In addition to providing your group Title IX Basics, this workshop thoroughly examines the University's mandated reporter requirements and new state laws. Visit our Employee Resources tab for helpful handouts and additional information.

  • Employee Reporting Requirements
  • Examples of Reportable Sexual Misconduct
  • Navigating Disclosure Conversations with Empathy and Understanding
  • How to Connect Students to Resources
  • University Support and Accommodations
  • Opportunity for Q & A 


Title IX