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File an Incident Report Online

Reports are private, and will not be shared with other students, faculty, non- Title IX staff, or parents, without expressed consent.

Title IX staff will not share information with the Police Department, unless requested by the student or to comply with a lawfully issued subpoena. 

Reports can also be made anonymously, except for University employees who become aware of possible Title IX infractions. Please note- reporting anonymously may limit the University's ability to investigate the incident or provide resources to the involved parties.

At Texas Tech, students, faculty, staff, and community members can make a report in a variety of ways:

File a Report Online

Contact Administrators Directly 

Contact Confidential Administrators 


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When Should I File a Title IX Report?

  • An incident has negatively affected your academics, employment, or student involvement.
  • You have concerns about your safety or the safety of others.
  • You need assistance and support, but you do not want to disclose details or names.
  • You would like a No Contact Order to prohibit communication between you and another party.
  • You would like the University to facilitate an informal resolution or investigate the incident.

How Can We Help You?

  • Provide Supportive Measures and Resources
    • Emotional support and processing after an incident
    • Academic Support
      • Course load reductions, withdrawals, absence notifications, requests for flexibility/alternative participation to faculty or supervisors
    • Housing Assistance
      • Short-term emergency housing accommodations or housing changes
    • Medical Services
    • Counseling Services
    • Extracurricular and Student Organization Assistance
    • Altering Student Employment Schedules
    • Parking Assistance
    • Safety Plan
    • No Contact Orders
    • Support and referrals for concerned friends, family, partners, and faculty/staff members
    • See Supportive Measures Page for information regarding on-campus, community, and national resources
  • Stop behavior from continuing or escalating
  • Provide education and prevention
  • Facilitate Informal Resolutions
  • Investigate incidents to pursue a potential disciplinary outcome

What Happens When I Report an Incident?

  • The Title IX Case Management Team reviews the report
  • A member of the Case Management Team sends an email to the involved student to create an individualized support plan and discuss different options available
  • The student decides if they would like to file a Formal Complaint to begin the University Grievance Process
  • The Title IX process is Complainant driven, meaning the student who is reporting the incident gets to determine how they would like the University to intervene.  

View the Texas Tech University Sexual Misconduct Process Flow Chart

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Commitment to Privacy & Confidentiality

After making a report, student information will be handled in accordance with the regulations established by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records, and information contained in educational records cannot be shared without the student's written consent. If you already have a FERPA on file with the registrar's office, we require a new form to be filled out once you are in contact with our office to ensure confidentiality.

All reports are treated with the greatest degree of confidentiality possible. Confidentiality is maintained on a need-to-know basis with respect to the university's obligations to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and take the appropriate corrective action. 


1. File a Report Online 

Click here to report an incident online.

2. Contact Administrators Directly

Meet with a staff member in person, speak over the phone, or communicate via email. These administrators can also answer general questions about the policies and procedures, and describe options available to students. 

Title IX Coordinator | Texas Tech University 
Dr. Kimberly Simón
Student Union Building, Suite 232

Title IX Case Manager | Deputy Title IX Coordinator | Texas Tech University
Meredith Holden
Student Union Building, Suite 232

Title IX Case Manager | Assistant Title IX Coordinator | Texas Tech University
Denise Tijerina
Student Union Building, Suite 232

Title IX Investigators | Texas Tech University 
Glenn Mellinger | Greg Cruz | Andrea Regalado
Title IX Investigators, Texas Tech University
Student Union Building, Suite 232

Title IX & Compliance -Training & Outreach Program Manager |
Texas Tech University | Isolda Gomez| isogomez@ttu.edu 
Student Union Building, Suite 232|806.834.8748

Pregnancy & Parenting Liaison | Texas Tech University |
Alex Faris|  alfaris@ttu.edu  | Student Union Building, Suite 232| 806.834.3420

Title IX Campus Advocacy, Response & Education (CARE) Coordinators
Maddox Miller | Zoe McDonald 
CARE Coordinators, Texas Tech University
Student Union Building, Suite 232

Office of Equal Opportunity
(For misconduct complaints involving Faculty/Staff)
1508 Knoxville Ave, Suite 208 (System Administration Building)
806.742.3627 | Equal Opportunity Website

Texas Tech Police Department 
(For Criminal Investigations) 
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 806.742.3931
Texas Tech Police Department Website

  • Information About Police Reports:
    • Police reports can be made as an option to pursue criminal action, file a protective order, and access victim services, or you can file a police report without pursuing criminal action.
    • Criminal action is separate from a Title IX university investigation process.
    • We do not share information with the Texas Tech Police Department (TTUPD) or Lubbock Police Department (LPD) unless the Complainant gives us specific permission to do so, there are immediate safety concerns, the victim is a minor under state law, or we are compelled to do so by a subpoena or court order.

3. Contact Confidential Administrators

There are resources on campus for students who would like to talk to someone and get assistance, without making a report to the university. These staff members can assist students in accessing resources and filing a report only when specifically requested.

Student Counseling Center 
Student Wellness Center, Suite 201
SCC Website
Walk-in Clinic Hours: M-F 12:30-3:30pm

Student Health Services
Student Wellness Center, First Floor
Student Health Website
Hours: M-F 8:00am- 5:30pm 

Crisis HelpLine

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