Texas Tech University

Supportive Measures

What are Supportive Measures?

Supportive measures are immediate actions the University can help coordinate for students to eliminate a hostile environment and address effects from incidents of sexual misconduct, discrimination, or harassment prior to the initiation of any Investigation and/or formal Grievance Process. Supportive measures can be implemented regardless of whether or not the Complainant pursues a Formal Complaint or criminal action. The Office for Student Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct is available to help students understand the Grievance Process and identify resources.

Who can request Supportive Measures?

The person who reported experiencing an incident (the 'Complainant'), the person named in the report (the 'Respondent'), and when needed, witnesses or other parties who made the report.

What are some possible Supportive Measures?

  • Counseling Services
  • Medical Services
  • Housing Assistance
    • Short-term emergency housing accomodations or housing changes
  • Academic support services
    • Course load reductions, withdrawals, absense notifications, requests for flexibility/alternative participation to faculty or supervisors
  • Parking Assistance
    • Modifications to parking permissions
  • Extracurricular & Student Organization Assistance
  • Altering Student Employment Schedules
  • No Contact Orders (more information below)
  • Assistance reporting criminal behavior to the Texas Tech Police Department, Lubbock Police Department, or other local law enforcement agency

Other Supportive Measures may be implemented and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

What is a No Contact Order?

A No Contact Order is a directive issued by the university that officially instructs parties not to interact. This "contact" is prohibited in person, in writing, through electronic means (Snapchat and other social media platforms, text messages, emails, etc.), and through a third party (such as a family member or friend). A No Contact Order can be requested by either party, and is a bilateral directive- meaning all parties are held to the same standard for complying with the order. It is important to know that an allegation of violating a No Contact Order is referred to the Office of Student Conduct for investigation and potential disciplinary sanctions. 

Do Supportive Measures imply an assumption of Responsibility ("guilt") for the Respondent? 

Not at all. Supportive measures are typically put in place when the initial report is filed. Supportive measuresare available to all parties in the report, and are not considered sanctions in the university Conduct process. 

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