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Employee Resources

All University employees are Mandatory Reporters also known as Responsible Employees. A Mandatory Reporter is someone who is required to report a Title IX Violation, including all details that they possess and the names of the involved parties.

The only employees exempt from mandatory reporting are professional counselors, medical providers, and assiciated staff when working in their professional role.

Mandated Reporter Resource Guide

  • Informational document to assist all University employees in their role as Mandated Reporters

Support Resources Flyer

  • On-campus and Off-campus support resources available to students

Support Resources Contact Card Download

  • Click here to immediately download a University Resources Contact Card
  • Feel free to include the following link or QR code in syllabus or presentations
    • https://www.keynect.us/user/TTUTIX

CARE Coordinator Flyer

  • Information about student advocates on campus

Information About Supporting Pregnancy, Nursing & Parenting Students

  • Publication created by the U.S. Department of Education detailing the rights of all Pregnancy, Nursing & Parenting students
  • Title IX regulations prohbit discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and parental status in educational programs and activities
  • The University MUST:
    • Excuse absences due to pregnancy or childbirth for as long as your doctor says it is necessary
    • Allow students to return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before medical leave began, which should include giving the opportunity to make up any work missed while the student was out.
    • Ensure that faculty and staff understand the Title IX requirements related to excused absences/medical leave. Faculty may not refuse to allow a student to submit work after missed deadline because of pregnancy or childbirth. If the professor's grading is based in part on class participation or attendance and a student missed class because of pregnancy or childbirth, the student should be allowed to make up the participation or attendance credits they didn't have the chance to earn.
    • Provide pregnant students with the same special services it provides to students with temporary medical conditions. This includes homebound instruction/at-home tutoring/independent study.
  • Please encourage your students to contact our office for additional support and resources! Also, please check out the pregnancy and parenting support page for more information. 



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