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Pig Pheromones

Collaboration with Animal Biotech LLC.

Animal Biotech is a company that strives to create and develop products that improve animal welfare and help manage their behavior through creative science application.

This lab in collaboration with Animal Biotech has developed BoarBetter™, which is a natural pheromone that contains Boar Saliva Analog (BSA™). BSA™ is the patented triple boar saliva pheromone that is a combination of three molecules (Androstenone, Androstenol and Quinoline).


Boar Saliva Analog (BSA): The Boar Pheromone That Stimulates Sow Estrus Behavior and Enhances Reproductive Performance

Front View Application:

This person is spraying Boar Better in the snout of each sow. The Boar Better contains a blue dye so one can see where the spray was applied. She is carrying an audio device that is playing boar grunts. There is no boar present.

Overhead View Application:


Close up view of sows being sprayed while boar vocalizations are being played.

You may listen and download the audio clip used by going here: Boar Grunt Audio Clip (Download Link)

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